A few minutes in the burn-off oven provides a clean canvas

Using our burn-off oven, we can remove paint and powder coating, grease, rubber, plastic or resin in minutes by burning it to ash. This is a simple solution for steel or other hard metals. We can also use the oven for heat treating, bringing a metal to the desired hardness or softness through controlled heat.

Our temperature probe allows us to monitor the product temperature while it's in the oven, ensuring safety for your products. This control and accuracy far exceeds that of our competitors which is why the government frequently contracts with us on projects.

Why use burn-off?

  • Efficient
  • Lower pollution as no contaminants are released into the environment
  • Fast

Common applications:

  • Remove combustible material from hooks, racks, fixtures, and parts
  • Strip coatings off electrical wire
  • Strip motor windings
  • Burn off rubber parts on automotive parts
  • Heat treat/soften steel
  • Remove powder coating from any hard metal